SELaiCK Alerts 4-2019 – New Format for SSM’s Business Entities Registration Number

Important Circular

Dear Valued Clients and Associates

We wish to advise that the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) has introduced a new format of registration number wef 11 October 2019.

No. Process Details
1. Objective of new format To streamline various formats of Business Registration Numbers (“BRN”) generated by the existing system for different business entities [company, limited liability partnership (LLP), and business (partnership/sole-proprietorship)] registered with SSM.
2. New format of BRN The new BRN consists of a 12-digit number:

First 4-digits Year of registration
Next 2-digits Business entity code#
Last 6-digits Registration number
Example 2019 01 000006

# Business Entity Code listing

Business entity type Business entity code
Local company 01
Foreign company 02
Business 03
Local LLP 04
Foreign LLP 05
LLP for professional practice 06
3. How to check the new BRN for your Business Entity Your Business Entity new BRN number can be checked via SSM Quick link e-Search:

Step Process
1. Access
2. Registration type – Select the following as appropriate:

  • “Company Registration Number Old”
  • “Business Registration Number Old”
  • “LLP Registration Number”
3. Registration number (key in existing old BRN, e.g. 123456)
4. I’m not robot test (click on appropriate image per request)
5. Search now (click to search)

Your Business Entity’s new BRN will then be displayed.

4. Transitioning to the new BRN


  1. At the current time, the SSM has NOT advised of a specific deadline or transition provisions for the new BRN to be used.
  2. However, subject to further notice from the SSM, existing business entities may use either their:
  1. Existing old BRN (by itself)

Eg. AMS Setia Jaya Sdn. Bhd. (1312525-A)


  1. New BRN together with the existing BRN

Eg. AMS Setia Jaya Sdn. Bhd. 201901000006 (1312525-A)

  1. Notwithstanding the above options given to business entities, we propose that clients continue to use their existing old BRN (by itself) pending further notice from the SSM.

Please do not hesitate to contact the following staff of our affiliated firm, Associated Secretarial & Management Sdn Bhd (ASM) if you require any clarifications on the above:

ASM Staff Ext Email
Ms Jenny Chong 218
Ms Maggie Yap 220
Ms Lorna 210
Puan Siti Dahniar 219

Best regards

11 Nov 2019