SELaiCK Alerts 8-2021 (NRP Update #1 – As at 28 Jun 2021) – PEMULIH Program

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The NRP, comprising the following phases, was unveiled on 15 Jun 2021:

PhasePhase targetTarget reopening of economic sectors
Phase 1Reducing daily Covid-19 cases to < 4,000
Rate of ICU bed-use to ‘moderate’ levels
Achieving full vaccination for 10% of the population
Only essential services allowed to operate
Phase 2Target to be achieved by end Aug 2021
Reducing daily Covid-19 cases to < 2,000
‘Sufficient’ ICU beds available
Achieving full vaccination for 40% of the population
Reopening of economic sectors that does not involve large gatherings as well as adhering to physical distancing
Phase 3Target to be achieved by end Oct 2021
Reducing daily Covid-19 cases to < 500
‘Sufficient’ ICU capacity
Achieving full vaccination for 60% of the population
Reopening of almost all economic sectors with strict SOPs and limited physical presence in the workplace Parliament and schools to reopen  
Phase 4Target roll-out in Nov 2021 (until Dec 2021)Full reopening of the economy

Since the 1st Economic Stimulus Package 2020 (ESP) was announced on 27 Feb 2020, the following economic stimulus measures were initiated in response to the continuing economic impact of the COVID-19 crises, the latest being the PEMULH program on 28 Jun 2021:

Economic Stimulus MeasuresWorthAnnounced on
Prihatin Rakyat Economic Stimulus Package [Prihatin]RM250b27 Mar 2020
Additional SME Economic Stimulus Package [Prihatin+]RM10b6 Apr 2020
PENJANA Short-Term Economic Recovery PlanRM35b5 Jun 2020
PERMAI Assistance PackageRM15b18 Jan 2021
PEMERKASA ProgramRM20b17 Mar 2021
PEMERKASA+ Program [PMK+]RM40b31 May 2021
PEMULIH ProgramRM150b28 Jun 2021

PEMULIH is aimed at providing comprehensive assistance to the rakyat focusing on:

  1. continuing with the Prihatin Rakyat agenda
  2. supporting businesses; and
  3. increasing the rate of Covid-19 vaccination in the country.

We have extracted in this Memorandum, pertinent measures from PEMULIH which in our view would be relevant from both the business and individual perspectives to our clients for their consideration, including current measures undertaken by the Government to combat Covid-19. This Memorandum also includes certain updates announced in PMK+.

The implementation of the proposed measures would be subject to any clarification and guidance from the relevant authorities and being legislated where applicable.  As such, further details on the proposed measures are expected to be released by the authorities in due course.

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2 July 2021